When people talk about increasing the value of their home, landscaping is a topic that always comes up. And with good reason too.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, first impressions are everything. This statement is definitely true when it comes to buying a home.

Your front yard is the first thing people see when they come to your house. Make it count.

This article is going to discuss which landscaping projects you should start with to increase your home’s curb appeal, which will in turn, also increase the value of your home.

Where to start:

  • Lawn
  • Front walkway
  • Plant flowers and other plants
  • Plant trees
  • Stone borders
  • Landscape lighting


Always start with your lawn. Maintaining a lush, green lawn will give you a 100%-200% ROI (return on investment).

A healthy lawn does more than just look good though. It will reduce soil erosion and improve air quality by producing oxygen.

Evergreen Lawn and Landscape wants to help you love your lawn. Call us today to get a quote on lawn maintenance.

Front Walkway

Your front walkway is how people approach your home. You want them to feel welcomed and you can do that by creating an aesthetically pleasing path to your front door.

Another advantage to installing a walkway is the safety feature. When there is no walkway or shrubs have become overgrown, people will trip and fall.

A properly designed walkway will highlight certain features, like a beautiful front door or plants and flowers. Your friends and delivery personnel will thank you for having a designated place to plant their feet when walking.

Plant flowers and shrubs

Adding pops of color with flowers and shrubs will make your house stand out. If you choose native plants that have adapted to your area, you will not have to do much in terms of care.

Plants and flowers are known to improve people’s moods. Looking at a beautifully landscaped yard makes anyone smile.

Some low-maintenance plants popular in North Texas are: Texas sage, red yucca, coneflowers, and turk’s cap.

Evergreen Lawn and Landscape offers year-round seasonal planting. Our trained specialists would love to help you spruce up your flower beds.

Plant Trees

Planting trees is another way to increase property value. A well-developed tree will provide privacy as well as shade.

In addition to that, plants and trees have been proven to reduce noise levels. An article published by Texas A&M university states, “By installing natural landscaping noise pollution levels can be reduced by 6 to 15 decibels.”

Stone borders

There are many advantages of landscaping with stone borders. Stone borders will define the look of your landscape and provide a safe home for your plants and flowers.

They are durable and easy to maintain. Stone borders will also keep your mulch in place. There are many colors and sizes available to choose from.

Landscape Lighting

Installing landscape lighting around your property is very important. Having a well-lit home deters criminals and ensures that your family and guests are safe when they are walking once it’s dark.

Landscape lighting will highlight all the hard work you put into your outdoor design. Plus, if your backyard is lit up at night, you’ll spend even more time outside.

Final Thoughts

Front yard landscaping flower bed.

Landscaping your front and back yard will increase the value of your home. An article published by Aggie Horticulture states that, “real estate agents estimate that attractive landscaping increases a home’s value by as much as 15%.”

Start by maintaining a robust, healthy lawn. It’s the easiest and most cost-efficient place to start. Then, work your way down the list we discussed today and before you know it, you will have a beautifully landscaped home.

Here at Evergreen Lawn and Landscape, landscaping is one of our specialties. We look forward to helping you design the yard you’ve always dreamed about.