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We offer a lawn weed control service program in Northlake, Argyle, South West Denton, and surrounding areas in Texas.

We offer a 7-step program to deter weeds from growing on your lawn.

At Evergreen Lawn & Landscape, we offer a 7-step lawn weed control service program to help stop weeds from stealing resources and nutrients from your lawn. Your lawn will not only be weed-free but it will also be supplied with essential nutrients via lawn fertilizer. What's more, our lawn care products are safe for your furry friends; they can use the lawn like normal after our treatments have dried on your lawn!

We happily provide our weed control service to residential properties in Northlake, Argyle, South West Denton, and nearby areas in Texas. Call us today at (940) 321-3081 to enroll in our lawn care program.

Our lawn care program includes weed control and fertilization treatments.

Professional applying weed control to a lawn in Denton, TX.

At Evergreen Lawn & Landscape, our lawn care program includes seven applications of liquid herbicide and five applications of slow-release granular fertilizer. We follow a strict schedule to ensure your lawn is protected against weeds and consistently nourished with our nutrient-rich fertilizer throughout the entire year. There are 4-6 weeks in between every visit. Our lawn care treatment schedule is as follows:

  • First step: We apply a pre-emergent weed control treatment to prepare your turf for spring weeds and a post-emergent treatment to treat any winter weeds that emerged.
  • Second step: We administer a pre-emergent treatment and another round of post-emergents to deter weeds in the spring. We also apply a slow-release fertilizer to encourage growth in your lawn.
  • Third step: We apply post-emergent weed control and another round of slow-release fertilizer to prepare for summer.
  • Fourth step: We apply a treatment of post-emergent weed control to treat any weeds that emerged, and we apply another fertilizer treatment to nourish your lawn.
  • Fifth step: We use a post-emergent treatment to eliminate weeds that popped up during and after summer, then apply another round of fertilizer to help keep your lawn strong and healthy.
  • Sixth step: We apply pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control to protect your lawn during fall. We then utilize another round of fertilizer.
  • Seventh step: We end the year with a pre-emergent treatment to prevent weeds from sprouting in the winter.

We can apply our weed control treatment to the cracks in your sidewalks and driveway for a comprehensive service.

Our lawn weed control service and fertilizer treatments are pet-friendly!

A homeowner's dog happily sitting on a safely pet-friendly treated lawn in Northlake, TX.

Your furry best friends mean the world to you, so we want to help you keep them safe! Our weed control and fertilizer products are pet-friendly, so you can put your mind at ease knowing there is no danger. Just simply wait for the treatment to dry on your lawn before you let your pets back outside to return to their daily scheduled activities on your lawn. Our lawn care technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have about keeping your pets safe during our treatments!

Are there weeds on your lawn? Call us today to sign up for our weed control program!

If you want to eliminate the weeds on your lawn and keep them gone for good, call us today at (940) 321-3081 to sign up for our weed control treatments! Using both pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments, we provide your lawn with constant protection throughout the year. At Evergreen Lawn & Landscape, our lawn control program not only includes weed control treatments but fertilizer treatments as well to ensure your lawn is as healthy as possible. We gladly provide our services to residential properties in Northlake, Argyle, South West Denton, and nearby areas in Texas.

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