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Erin Cihak Argyle, TX

Evergreen provides excellent, professional service!! Great communication, on time, worked hard, follow-ups during and after the service to be sure we were satisfied, which we definitely are. We have received many compliments on our landscaping. I would use them again in a heartbeat for any lawn/landscaping needs. Thanks Evergreen!

Tom Chowning Northlake, TX

I have been with Evergreen Lawn and Landscape for 20 mowing seasons. They are a great service business. They take care of scheduled mowing and fertilizer services and trimming of shrubs on demand. I have been pleased with their services.

Teresa Krist Denton, TX

Great Service We have been using Evergreen for about 5 years now and love them. Yes they are human and had very few hiccups over the years but they were always great about fixing whatever the minimal problem was. Everyone in our circle uses them and way to many in the neighborhood to count. I don't do recommendations often but I have always recommended them due to the way they do business and will continue to use them.

Richard Murphy Argyle, TX

Started using Evergreen on the recommendation of a friend late last year just before everything shut down for the winter. Evergreen provides a superior and consistent service which is well worth the price. They do a much better job than I could myself even if I had the time. I absolutely recommend them for anyone.

    Lawn Care Tips

    watering yard

    Lawn & Garden Watering Guidelines

    There is no magical formula or exact rule for watering…these are guidelines. For Newly Installed Plants (flowers, perennials, small shrubs): Tips: The goal is to keep the soil evenly moist throughout the 1st growing season. Frequency and watering time will

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    evergreen landscaping services

    Will Landscaping Increase Home Value?

    When people talk about increasing the value of their home, landscaping is a topic that always comes up.  And with good reason too.   I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, first impressions are everything.  This statement is definitely true when it

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    green, weed-free lawn

    Why Weed Control is Important

    Weed control is important for many reasons.  If you are interested in having a green and healthy lawn, then keep reading, this article has pertinent information for you.   At the end of the day, it all boils down to success. 

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    hands reached out to trim branch with gardening shears

    Why Tree Pruning is Important

    Pruning is the process of deliberately removing unwanted limbs from a tree.  This includes any diseased, dead, damaged, or unnecessary branches.   Always prune with a purpose in mind.  Pruning really can make or break a tree.  Every branch that is

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    trim hedges

    How Often Do Bushes Need To Be Trimmed?

    Shrub Trimming is a big part of gardening.  Plants need to be trimmed in order to maintain their shape and to keep them from becoming overgrown.   This process, when done correctly, allows for new, healthy growth.  Top horticulturists consider trimming

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    overgrown shrub

    How to Remove a Large Shrub

    There are many reasons people decide to remove shrubs.  They may have died over winter or contracted some type of disease.  The shrub may have become overgrown due to lack of pruning.  Sometimes people buy homes and want to change

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