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Evergreen Lawn and Landscape was established in 1984.  We offer quality services at an affordable price. 

We promise to honor the Golden Rule… “to treat our Customers the way we want to be treated”.  

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Lawn Care Tips

dandelion broadleaf weed

Fall Broadleaf Weed Control

Broadleaf weed growth is a problem many Texas homeowners are currently dealing with. The cool temperatures encourage these weeds to grow and develop in your lawn. Once broadleaf weeds begin to take-over your lawn, you will have to mow more

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pink and orange lantanna perennials

8 Best Fall Annual Flowers for North Texas

Annuals are a popular choice for many gardeners looking for fast-growing flowers to decorate their beds. A well-balanced annual plant collection may add brilliant color to your North Texas garden. There are lots of choices when it comes to North

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 Can I Landscape in the Fall

Landscaping is something that pretty much every homeowner will consider when they’re looking to increase the curb appeal of their residence. It’s a fool-proof way of adding a ton of visual appeal to your place. However, as you probably know,

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