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Landscaping Services in Northlake, TX & Surrounding Cities Like Argyle & South West Denton

Our landscaping services include plantings and softscapes, annual flowers, and walkway installations!

A retaining wall beside a landscape bed with annuals in Northlake, TX.

A beautiful landscape can increase the curb appeal of your property. However, achieving this on your own can be a difficult process. Fortunately for you, we are here to help you! Your property will remain in excellent condition all year long with the aid of our professional landscaping services. At Evergreen Lawn & Landscape, we offer a variety of landscape services to residential properties in Northlake, Argyle, South West Denton, TX, and surrounding areas.

Our services include plantings and softscapes, annual flowers, and walkway installations. Our trained professionals are dedicated to ensuring your landscape is the best around. Let us enhance the aesthetics of your property with our professional landscape services! To schedule any of our services, give us a call today at (940) 321-3081.

  • Plantings & Softscapes

    With our plantings and softscapes service, we can assist you in designing the landscape of your dreams. We can design and install entirely new landscape beds on your property. If your landscape beds just need a little boost, we can renovate your existing landscape beds, too! We'll reshape them to your liking and make sure they look as good as new. Our team at Evergreen Lawn & Landscape offers a wide range of unique plants, shrubs, and trees that we can install in your beds, which will soon become the highlight of your property. We'll help you pick out the perfect plants that will complement each other as well as the rest of your landscape.

    We install plants recommended by Texas A&M Agriculture!

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  • Gravel & Flagstone Walkways

    A new walkway will not only provide beauty to your property but functionality as well! Our walkways will allow you to navigate around your property easier and safer. We can utilize gravel or flagstone, both of which are beautiful, high-quality, and durable materials to make sure your new walkway will last for years to come! You can't go wrong with either of these materials, so pick the one that fits your personal preference the best. If you are looking for a new walkway to make walking around your property easier for you and your family, our walkway installation service is here to help!

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  • Sod Installation

    Do you want a brand-new, beautiful lawn in one day? We have you covered with our sod installation service! Our team will remove the existing grass from your lawn, lay down new soil, and install new sod to give you a healthy, brand-new lawn.

    We can maintain your newly installed sod lawn with our fertilization, weed control, and lawn mowing services!

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  • Drainage & Grading

    Our drainage and grading service can reduce the accumulation of mud and rainwater on your property. We install downspout connections and a drain line in the ground to stop pools of mud and water from forming. We can use either a catch basin or a French drain.

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  • Rock Installation

    At Evergreen Lawn & Landscape, we can help set your property apart with our rock installation service. We add rocks to the top of the soil in your landscape beds to protect the roots of your plants and beautify the beds. We have a diverse selection of rocks for you to choose from, including Texas Native and Colorado rocks.

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  • Tree Installation

    We'll help you choose the perfect trees for your property. Common trees that we install include junipers, magnolias, crepe myrtles, weeping willows, Japanese maples, and more.

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Walkway with stone pathway in Denton, TX.

Your landscape plays a big role in the overall curb appeal of your property. At Evergreen Lawn & Landscape, we help your landscape stand out from the rest! We can provide you with new plants and annual flowers that will thrive and become a major focal point of your property. We can also install a new walkway that will make navigating around your property easier and safer. Our team of professionals is trained to ensure your landscape is beautiful and thrives throughout the year. Let us turn your landscape dreams into reality with our professional landscaping services! We offer our services to residential properties in Northlake, Argyle, South West Denton, TX, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (940) 321-3081 to schedule any of our landscaping services for your property today!

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