Mowing Season

We provide lawn and landscaping service year-round. Our standard mowing season is March through November. We will provide mowing throughout this timeframe unless you notify us.

We understand that weather is an occasional issue when it comes to service provision. To ensure consistent scheduling in the event of inclement weather, we will move your appointment to the soonest availability.

Is Your Gate Locked?

We will not offer a reduced rate if our service is incomplete due to lack of entrance to your property. Please ensure your backyard is available to us on the day of scheduled service or make us aware of your gate code if required.

Plant, Tree & Sod Warranty:

  • Evergreen guarantees that all plants, trees, sod will be in healthy condition upon installation to your landscape.  In addition, Evergreen’s Landscape Coordinator calls each client upon completion of job to verify that client is satisfied with the condition and approves invoicing.
  • Trees (15 ft & larger) – 1 year warranty at 50% of the original cost
  • Shrubs (usually 7 ft & smaller) – 90 days at 50% of the original cost
  • Perennials – 90 days at 50% of the original cost
  • Annuals – 7 days at 50% of the original cost
  • Turf/Sod – No warranty

Replacements Under Your Warranty:

Replacement of a plant/tree will be done with a plant approximately the size of the previous plant at the time it was originally installed. For circumstances where it is not possible to obtain an identical size, we will make our best effort to provide a plant of the nearest size. The warranty only covers one replacement at discounted rate.  The replacement will be 50% of the original cost (1/2 off).

What is not covered under this Warranty:

  • “Acts of God”/abnormal weather conditions beyond our control, including but not limited to: hail/ice/snow storms, wind damage, extreme heat and/or drought
  • Improper watering (over or under watering)
  • Insects, pests/animals or disease

Care and Maintenance:

New landscaping looks great and makes you feel good (we call it plant therapy)!  In order to ensure your new plants thrive, it’s important to provide the proper care and attention.  Evergreen will provide watering guidelines upon installation.  However, these are just guidelines to get you started, it is the responsibility of the customer to maintain landscaping and adjust according to seasonal needs.

Effective Date:

 Installation after August 22, 2022

Billing Policy

Standard Mowing Services, Lawn Treatment Services (Weed Control & Fertilization, Fungicides, Fire Ants, Grubworms), All Hourly Services, Mulch Installation and Seasonal Color: 

  • Services are invoiced and charged every Tuesday for the previous week’s work

Landscape Projects & Sod Installation: 

  • 50% down-payment is required to schedule a landscaping job.  The remaining balance is invoiced and charged the day after completion

Property Damage

Please be aware that unintentional property damage can sometimes occur (for example, sprinkler heads or landscaping). Many times, this is a result of tall grass hiding our view of objects or, in the case of sprinkler heads, the head may be too high above the ground. In the event of any damage to the property, please contact us and we will ensure the damage is repaired as soon as possible. We must approve any 3rd party estimates.

Customer Disputes

We will gladly re-send our crew out to fix any issues or concerns at no additional charge. Please notify us within 24 hours if you are not happy for any reason.


We will be closed for the following holidays:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s Day.

You can also check our Google listing if you are uncertain about our hours during any holiday.

Privacy Policy

Our clients’ privacy is something we take very seriously, so we can assure you that the information gathered will never be shared or abused in any way.