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We offer lawn and landscaping services to residential properties in Flower Mound, TX.

We can enhance the health of your lawn and the beauty of your landscape with our services.

Flower Mound, TX, is an incorporated town in Denton and Tarrant counties and is located along the shore of Grapevine Lake. If you're looking for something to do in this area, you can visit Twin Coves Park and Campground. This park features 19 cabins and several amenities like a boat ramp, kayak rentals, nature trails, a golf course, and more. There are also several parks located throughout the community where you can spend some time and get some fresh air, like Heritage Park, Stone Creek Park, Hideaway Park, and many more.

We've seen how beautiful this community is, and we want to help homeowners here reflect this beauty on their property. That's why we offer our lawn and landscaping services to residential property owners in northwest Flower Mound, TX. Our crew at Evergreen Lawn & Landscape can make your property stand out by improving your lawn's health and appearance and upgrading the aesthetics of your landscape!

Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services Include Lawn Fertilization, Weed Control, Lawn Mowing & More

The health and beauty of your lawn depends on how much care and attention it receives throughout the year. If you want your grass in Flower Mound, TX, to be in optimum condition, we can help with the following lawn care and maintenance services:

  • Lawn Fertilization: Our team follows a 7-step lawn fertilization program that involves multiple applications of our high-quality, slow-release fertilizers that are packed with essential nutrients.
  • Weed Control: We will administer pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to target weeds and keep them from stealing nutrients from your grass.
  • Aeration: We can aerate your lawn anytime between late March and late April to ensure the roots of your grass can get better access to nutrients and other resources.
  • Lawn Mowing: Our team will mow your lawn from March to November to maintain its pristine appearance. We'll also handle string-trimming, edging, and blowing the grass clippings off your hard surfaces.
  • Fungicide Treatment: Our fungicide treatments are effective against common lawn diseases in the Flower Mound area, like take-all root rot, dollar spot, brown patch, and more.
  • Lawn Insect Control: Our team provides lawn insect control treatments that can protect your grass from damage caused by armyworms, chinch bugs, and grubs.
  • Spring Cleanups: We can include services like aeration, plant installation, mulch installation, tree and shrub trimming, lawn fertilization, and weed control treatments to help your yard enter the new season.
  • Fall Cleanups: Our fall cleanups can include services like leaf removal, debris removal, tree and shrub trimming and pruning, and lawn mowing.

We offer a fire ant control service that utilizes effective treatments that keep these pesky insects away from your lawn for up to a year.

Spruce up the beauty of your property with our landscaping services.

Our team offers various landscaping services designed to upgrade the aesthetics of your property in Flower Mound, TX. Learn more about these services below:

  • Plantings & Softscapes: Our team can install new landscape beds or renovate your existing ones then fill them with gorgeous plants and flowers.
  • Annual Flowers: We can install various spring and fall annual flowers in your landscape beds, like dusty miller, marigolds, pansies, pentas, and more.
  • Walkway Installation: Our team can install durable and long-lasting flagstone walkways on your property.
  • Sod Installation: We follow a thorough sod installation process that includes applying nutrient-rich topsoil and root-stimulating fertilizer to ensure your new lawn will thrive!
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning: We can trim and prune your trees any time of the year to maintain their optimum health and manicured appearance.
  • Mulch Installation: We can install natural hardwood mulch and dyed black mulch in your landscape beds.
  • Drainage & Grading: Our team can install downspout connections and a drain line in the ground to keep water from pooling on your property.
  • Leaf Removal: We can remove leaves from your property when you schedule this service.

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Are you looking for a team that can improve your curb appeal? Look no further than our crew at Evergreen Lawn & Landscape! We offer top-quality lawn and landscaping services to residential properties in Flower Mound, TX. Your goals and visions are important to us, and you can rest assured that all our efforts are geared toward achieving them for you! Call us today at (940) 321-3081 to sign up for any of our lawn and landscaping services.

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