Patio next to swing.

Do you have an area in your yard where grass just won’t grow? Are you tired of reseeding and resodding that one spot, just to get the same disappointing results?

You are not alone. Many homeowners have to deal with this annoying issue. Redesign that space. Get creative. Think outside the box.

Today’s article is going to discuss some inventive ideas for what you can do with that space.

Patio at night.


Patio with wooden furniture.

A patio is an open space on the ground. It is built from concrete, brick, or stone.

Patios are basically extensions of your living rooms. Here in Texas, our weather allows us to be outside most of the year. Plus, as kids get older, they’ll want a place to hang out with their friends too.

Patios are very low-maintenance. After the initial build, set up some cozy outdoor furniture and your work is done.

When you add on a patio, you are increasing the square footage of your property, which increases the value of your home. Patios are a practical way to boost your home’s curb appeal.


Deck with red chairs.

A deck is similar to a patio. Decks are outdoor, wooden platforms that do not have roofs. Typically, they are attached directly to the house, but they can be built off to the side of a property as well.

Decks come in all shapes and sizes, which makes them a great option for covering up those problem areas where grass just won’t grow.

Many times a large shade tree growing is the reason grass won’t grow. A deck can be designed to be built around the tree. Since decks aren’t usually covered, doing this is a smart way to shade your deck.

They are usually built above ground and are sometimes accessible from the house. There are wraparound and multi-tier deck designs.

There are many free DIY deck plans online. Block out a weekend, get some lumber, and you’re ready to get started.


Backyard gazebo.

Gazebos are a very affordable way to add some style and flair to your backyard. A gazebo takes up less space than a patio or deck.

People tend to envision gazebos as a quiet place to relax and reflect on their own. It is just as easy to decorate a gazebo for a wedding or other party.

Another popular idea is to incorporate a gazebo as a covered shelter for a hot tub or a fire pit. Kids and grownups will both find many things to love about gazebos.

Fire Pit

Fire pit.

A fire pit will create a charming focal point in your yard. You will see lots of cuddling and you will feel an ambiance like no other.

Design plans for a fire pit can be as simple as a pit and camping chairs. You can also get fancy and pour concrete or put down pavers.

Just imagine being able to enjoy the winter holidays outside, in front of the fire. Or envision warm, summer nights that are perfect for making s’mores.

There are numerous options for fire pits on the market. You can choose wood-burning, fuel, propane, or natural gas pits. Whatever budget you have, you can be sure, there’s an affordable fire pit for you.


Backyard pond.

A pond can be a beautiful, intriguing way to landscape that troublesome area. The great thing about a pond is that you can design it into any shape imaginable.

It does take time and dedication to keep a pond looking healthy and clear, so keep that in mind. Get your kids to help with the maintenance. Taking care of a pond will instill environmental awareness in them.

Ponds provide food, water, and shelter for wildlife. They are also aesthetically pleasing. Listening to running water has been proven to have a calming effect on people.


Stone and Gravel Walkway.

If your grass isn’t growing because of heavy foot traffic in that area, consider installing a walkway. Adding a walkway over a heavily trafficked space will decrease water runoff and mud after a storm.

Maybe it’s the path to your compost bins, shed, or trash cans. People add walkways to their pools and hot tubs. Tired of your kids tracking mud all through the house? Install a walkway leading to their trampoline or swing set.

Walkways are welcoming. When you see one, you want to check it out and see where it leads you. Walkways can be put down with a variety of materials such as stone, concrete, pavers, or gravel.


Monkey Grass.

If you’re hoping to keep that area green to match the grass that is growing, groundcovers are the way to go.

A groundcover is a low-growing, easy-to-maintain, plant that spreads out as it grows. They help control erosion, prevent weeds, and retain moisture.

Top 3 Groundcovers For Large Areas

  • Monkey Grass
  • Creeping Lily
  • Asian Jasmine

All three are low-maintenance and grow quickly. Monkey grass is a heat-tolerant flowering groundcover that grows quickly and looks similar to turfgrass.

Creeping Lily is a flowering evergreen groundcover that spreads very fast. Asian Jasmine does excellent in sloped areas as well as under the canopies of large trees.

Understory Plants

Swamp Rose.

An understory plant or tree is able to grow underneath the canopies of large trees. They are usually small and very shade-tolerant.

The Eastern hophornbeam is often planted as an understory tree. The chalk maple is a native Texas tree that produces beautiful fall colors.

The swamp rose is an understory shrub that originated in the wet soils of Louisiana and eventually moved east and northward. Hoptree is another understory shrub that thrives in wet soil and shade. The fragrant flowers are small and come in shades of green and white.

Plant a Garden

There are many flowers that do well in shade. Turning that problem spot into a little garden is definitely an option.

Some gorgeous shade-loving perennials are ajua, violets, cardinal flowers, indigo, ligularia, and aspidistra.

Here’s a link to an article that lists, "Top Shade Loving Shrubs for North Texas.”

Install New Sod

Only if you think the soil is not completely useless for grass. Trying installing new sod to grow in that area. If you’re in Northlake, sod installation is easy with Evergreen Lawn & Landscape.

Final Thoughts

It can be disheartening to have bare patches throughout an otherwise lush, green lawn. Don’t be discouraged, you can fix up that space and incorporate beauty and texture there.

There are some areas where turfgrass just won’t grow. That doesn’t mean that you have to stare at an ugly, brown patch forever. Luckily, there are many clever landscaping solutions to this problem.