An evergreen shrub is a plant that has green foliage through more than one growing season.

Simply put an evergreen will stay green all winter. Many people try to beat the winter blues by planting evergreens.

Evergreen shrubs are great for many reasons.

Advantages of Evergreens

  • Gorgeous and green year-round
  • Able to trim to the size or shape needed for a particular space
  • Provides privacy and sound barriers
  • Easy to maintain
  • Water-efficient
  • Protects your home from wind (which cuts down on electricity used to warm your home)
  • Improves air quality
  • Fresh scent

This article is going to highlight some classic evergreens that also have beautiful flowers.

Creeping Myrtle

Creeping Myrtle.

Creeping myrtle is an evergreen often used as a groundcover plant because it grows rapidly and smooths weeds as it goes.

The flowers are star-shaped and periwinkle blue. They bloom magnificently in spring.

It grows well in areas where grass won’t grow, such as sloped areas or under trees.

This plant prefers well-drained soil and moist conditions.

Glossy Abelia

Glossy Abelia.

Glossy Abelia is a semi-evergreen shrub from the honeysuckle family. Semi-evergreen means they stay green in climates with mild winters. Texas typically fits the bill.

Abelia shrubs produce bell-shaped, white flowers.

They are cold-hardy and do well either in containers or in the ground. These shrubs need to be pruned in early spring and sometimes in late winter.


Agarita is a rounded, holly-like shrub that is low-maintenance, drought-resistant, and cold-hardy.

The flowers are bright yellow and grow together in small groups. The berries are edible and make a delicious jelly.

Italian Jasmine

Italian Jasmine.

Italian jasmine is a vine-like evergreen shrub that originated from China.

The flowers are yellow and have no fragrance. They do best in full sun but can withstand partial shade. Bees and hummingbirds love Italian jasmine.

India Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn.

Indian hawthorn is a small, low-growing evergreen shrub. They do well as hedges, in gardens, and in containers.

The sweet-smelling flowers are pink and white. They grow in big clusters. These shrubs grow in a very rounded way and rarely require pruning.

Azalea Shrubs

Pink Azalea Shrubs.

Azalea evergreen shrubs are a popular choice in Texas because they are heat tolerant as well as being cold hardy up to zone 6.

You’ll find azalea shrubs with flowers ranging from pink, purple, red, and white. There are even bi-color varieties.

They will bloom in spring and sometimes bloom again in fall. Azaleas prefer shade and well-drained soil.

Texas Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel Shrub.

Texas mountain laurel, also known as mescal bean can be used as a shrub or small tree. This species is extremely drought-resistant, loves rocky soil, and is cold-hardy down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. That makes it a big winner in Texas gardens.

The flowers are shaped like wisteria blossoms and are a bright, vibrant purple color. Many people compare the fragrance, favorably, to grape kool-aid. Be aware that the seeds and flowers are poisonous.

Final Thoughts

Adding evergreens to your landscape is a way to have character and color in your yard year-round. Plus, the color green is said to have a calming effect on people and animals.

Evergreens found in Texas have adapted to our ever-changing weather and clay soil, which makes them easy to care for.

The fact that some of these shrubs also produce colorful flowers is a bonus perk. Pops of color increase curb appeal and make your heart happy.