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sod install with rake

Evergreen Lawn & Landscape is committed to providing Northlake top-quality sod installation services using the very best sod on the market.  

We primarily provide the 3 grass types proven to thrive in the North Texas region: Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia. All 3 grasses do very well in our area when given proper care. 

We guarantee you a quality turf that’s free of weeds and diseases, installed by professionals for a reasonable service price.  

What to expect when we arrive to install your new sod:

  1. Removal of all existing weeds and grass from your lawn
  2. Marking off locations of sprinkler heads for safety and future use
  3. Roto-tilling the ground to loosen soil and encourage healthy root growth
  4. Applying a top dressing where needed, to even out and resurface the yard
  5. Installing the fresh sod in a staggering joint pattern, which ensures that you won’t experience any water runoff as it sets in
  6. Test sprinkler systems to ensure no damage. 

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