Weed control is important for many reasons. If you are interested in having a green and healthy lawn, then keep reading, this article has pertinent information for you.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to success. To be successful with your lawn, you have to learn about herbicides and implement some kind of weed control plan.

Here is a list of the top 4 reasons weed control is important:

  • Weeds are unsightly
  • Weeds can take-over
  • Safety Reasons
  • Time and Money

Weeds are Unsightly

Clump of weeds

Weeds are ugly. They don’t look good. When your lawn is full of weeds, it takes away from the crisp, uniform look of a robust lawn.

Having a lawn that is overgrown with weeds is not aesthetically pleasing. What you want is a lush, green lawn that is vibrant and dense.

When you manage weed growth in your yard, it is easier to maintain a healthy lawn. Check out our fertilization and weed control page for more information on how Evergreen Lawn and Landscape can help you with weed control.

Weeds Can Take-Over

Once weeds have rooted, they will grow at a much faster rate than grass. Your lawn will be thoroughly covered in weeds before you know it.

One reason this happens so quickly is because of nutrients. Your lawn and the weeds will fight over the resources that they both need to survive, such as sunlight and water.

The weeds will win and they will begin to take-over your entire lawn. This lack of nutrients will cause your turfgrass to become weak and unable to fight off the weeds.

Safety Reasons


Controlling the growth of weeds within your lawn is a way to ensure the safety of your family as well. It might surprise you to learn that some weeds like hemlock are poisonous to pets, wildlife, and humans.

Ingesting even a tiny amount could prove to be fatal. Flowering weeds such as dandelions or henbit, will attract bees, which could sting you or your children.

When applying herbicides to your lawn, always read the label and follow the instructions. Wait at least 24-48 hours before letting kids or pets onto the lawn.

Time and Money

When you stay on top of weed control, you are saving yourself time as well as money. I know that is music to every person’s ears.

Because weeds grow so fast, the more weeds you have, the more often you will have to mow them down.

Imagine that the weeds completely overtake your lawn. You will spend a significant amount of money removing the weeds and then even more money replacing the turfgrass.

Although if this situation rings true for you, Evergreen Lawn and Landscape is able to install high-quality sod for an affordable price.

Identifying the particular weeds growing in your yard will give the information you need to properly treat those weeds. You need to know the specific type of weed, so you will know which products to buy and when to apply them.

Timing on weed control is critical. If you apply the right product at the wrong time, you will not see results. You will also have wasted money on products.

Timing can be a stressful and time-consuming part of weed control. Let us do the work for you. Call us to handle all your fertilization and weed control needs.


A nice lawn.

The bottom line is, in order to have a dense and healthy lawn, you must provide your turfgrass with optimal growing conditions. Weed control is a big part of that. Read another one of our articles titled, “When to Apply Weed Control to Lawn,” to gain even more knowledge.

When you have knowledge related to herbicides: how they work and the symptoms they cause, your work becomes much easier. Evergreen Lawn and Landscape would love to take this chore off your list. Our lawn care specialists are experts in their field.

They know which herbicides to use on each kind of weed. They know when to apply the products and how exactly to apply them. You deserve a lawn that you love. Request a free estimate today.