When leaves start to drop in the fall, they can quickly accumulate on your lawn. When this happens to your lawn in Texas, what should you do? Well, it depends on how thick the leaf piles are. If there aren't many leaves on your lawn, you can leave them alone because they will decompose and release nutrients that will benefit your lawn's health. If the pile of leaves on your lawn is too thick, you'll want to remove them before winter because they will block its access to vital resources and create an ideal environment for lawn diseases and pests to thrive.

Leaves can benefit your lawn by releasing nutrients when they decompose.

The leaves on your lawn in the fall can be unsightly and make your property look a bit messy. However, these leaves can serve a beneficial purpose to your lawn when you let them be. They contain a hearty amount of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. When leaves decompose, they act as a natural fertilizer for your grass by releasing vital nutrients. These leaves enrich your lawn by providing a boost of nutrients, getting it in better shape for the winter season.

While it is true that leaves benefit your lawn, it is only so if there is a small number of them. Leaves can accumulate very quickly, so you want to keep an eye on them before they completely blanket your lawn!

Too many leaves on your lawn can be harmful to your grass.

A small number of leaves on your lawn is good, but too many can be detrimental to its health. When leaves accumulate on your turf and are left to fester, they will cover your lawn and block its access to vital nutrients, air, and sunlight. Without nutrients, your grass will grow weak and vulnerable to various stressors while it is dormant during the winter. Your lawn needs to absorb nutrients so it has enough to feed off of during dormancy and can bounce back quicker in the spring.

What's more, the lack of good airflow and sunlight penetration means moisture will get trapped underneath the huge piles of leaves, creating an ideal environment for mold and fungus to thrive. This makes your turf a breeding ground for various diseases that can stomp on your lawn's health. These leaf piles will also provide insects and other troublesome pests with conducive conditions to take refuge in during the chilly weather.

Let a few leaves sit on your lawn, but a large pile of them should be removed before winter.

If you're unsure whether to leave the leaves on your lawn or remove them, the only thing you need to monitor is how thick the leaf cover is. A few leaves sitting on top of your grass will still be beneficial for your lawn. That's because the pile is just enough to provide enough nutrients for your lawn without smothering it. You can leave them to decompose on their own and provide additional nourishment for your grass. However, if the leaf pile is too thick that you can't see your grass anymore, that's your signal to remove them. You'll want to get rid of them before winter to help your lawn absorb essential nutrients before it goes dormant.

You can hire professionals to handle the task of removing leaves and hauling them away from your property so you don't have to lift a finger!

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