The summer heat in Texas can be stressful for your grass. One way to ensure your lawn stays healthy during this season is by adding a soil surfactant treatment to your lawn care plan! A soil surfactant is a wetting agent that breaks the surface tension between the soil, air, and the roots of your grass. This treatment enhances the roots' water and nutrient uptake, promotes recovery, and makes your turf greener and thicker. It's important to include soil surfactants in your lawn care plan this summer because it helps keep it stress-free during hot and dry conditions. Typically, this application remains effective for about 30 days, so you can opt for one or multiple to keep the soil in optimal condition and your grass growing healthy.

What is a soil surfactant?

A soil surfactant is a wetting agent that is administered on your lawn to break the surface tension between the soil, air, and the roots of your grass. This will improve water flow throughout your turf, making it more easily accessible and helping the root zone to retain moisture better. That way, it stays hydrated for longer and can withstand drought-like conditions.

However, that's not all - by breaking the surface tension, soil surfactants improve your lawn's nutrient uptake. The soil can maintain optimal space between its particles to retain the right amount of nutrients your grass needs and can absorb to remain in great health. Because of this, these treatments also contribute to reducing water and nutrient run-off!

Why should your lawn in Texas be treated with a soil surfactant this summer?

Browning grass due to summer stress by a potential client's home in Argyle, TX.

Lawns in Texas can struggle when the heat and dry conditions are too much for them, especially during summer. That's why your lawn care plan for this summer should include a soil surfactant treatment! Because this treatment is designed to help the soil retain moisture in the root zone, it will help your grass survive and even thrive under the harsh summer heat, reducing stress caused by lack of water or drought conditions. This will also prevent your lawn from drying up and turning brown quickly.

Since soil surfactants also improve your lawn's ability to absorb nutrients, incorporating this treatment into your lawn care plan will help it maintain its health and vigor. It allows these vital resources to easily penetrate the soil so your grass can maximize them, helping it recover quicker from any summer-related stress while making it thicker and greener!

How long do soil surfactant treatments last?

Soil surfactant treatments typically last for 30 days. You can schedule it as a one-time treatment for your lawn in the summer, but you can also apply it multiple times throughout the year. This way, you can rest assured that your grass is absorbing the water and nutrients it needs to grow healthy and green. With the summer heat in Texas, you'll want the soil to be in optimal condition to allow easy access to these resources and keep your lawn at its best, even during this stressful season!

Some lawn care programs include several soil surfactant treatments throughout the growing season to keep your turf in optimal health.

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