Your landscape beds are focal points on your property in Texas, and keeping them at their best will boost its curb appeal. Fortunately, there are four steps you can take to transform them: replace old plants with new, eye-catching ones, trim your existing shrubs, refresh the ground cover, and redefine their edges. When you do these things, you can take your home's aesthetic to the next level and ensure your landscape beds are features you're proud of!

1. Remove Old Plants & Replace Them With New, Eye-Catching Ones

The first step to completely transform your landscape beds is removing any old plants that may be starting to look unappealing or unhealthy. Then, you'll want to replace them with new, eye-catching ones! Not only will this elevate your home's curb appeal with vibrant, stunning plants and flowers, but it also ensures they get the nutrients they need without the old ones taking them, too. That way, they have a better chance of thriving since they will have more space in your landscape beds and valuable nourishment.

Some beautiful perennial plants you can add to your landscape beds include daylilies, hostas, lavender, coreopsis, and hibiscus.

2. Trim Your Existing Plants

The next step to completely transform your landscape beds is trimming your existing plants. Trimming involves cutting back stray branches and overgrown foliage that make them look messy and unkempt, enhancing their shape and overall visual appeal. Well-maintained plants will complement your softscapes and give them a neat, manicured look. Not only that, trimming will also allow more sunlight to reach other parts of your plants, plus it improves air circulation!

3. Refresh the Ground Cover in Your Landscape Beds

Refreshing the ground cover in your landscape beds is another step that takes them to the next level and boosts your home's curb appeal! After all, a fresh layer of mulch or rocks will make your plants stand out even more and create a well-kept appearance, and you can choose which matches your aesthetic preferences best. But wait, that's not all - a ground cover also provides numerous health benefits, such as moisture retention, soil temperature regulation, and weed suppression. By refreshing this layer, your plants can stay healthier and, as a result, more beautiful.

It's best to refresh your ground cover, whether rocks or mulch, at least once a year to keep it fresh and ensure your plants reap optimal benefits.

4. Redefine the Edges of Your Landscape Beds

The final step to transform your landscape beds is redefining their edges. When you do, it'll create a distinct separation between them and your lawn, making them stand out more. Additionally, it will emphasize their beautiful shape and create clean, crisp lines to elevate their curb appeal.

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If you want to transform your landscape beds and elevate your home's curb appeal, you've come to the right place! At Evergreen Lawn & Landscape, we offer our plantings and softscapes service to help do that. Our team will remove any old plants you no longer want and replace them with new, stunning ones of your choice. We'll also trim your existing shrubs, clean up your landscape beds, and redefine their shape to make them the center of attention. Additionally, we can install mulch or rock to accommodate your aesthetic preferences and give them that finishing touch. Before long, you will boast landscape beds that you're proud of!

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