Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees is just one of the many landscaping services Evergreen provides, in order to keep your yard looking healthy and beautiful.

tree pruning

We recommend trimming your trees once per year, preferably in the winter when most plants are dormant.

Trimming trees during their dormant state will help keep the trees less vulnerable to pests and diseases.   

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There are far fewer invasive bugs and lawn diseases in the winter, both in your lawn and in your trees and shrubs. Leaving an open ‘wound’ after trimming is far safer at this time, as there is much less of a chance for the cut limb getting invaded or infected. This is especially true for some species of oak. 

Additionally, removing dead or diseased branches allows your tree to preserve its nutrients for growing new and healthy limbs come springtime. 

Another benefit is the fact that ridding your trees of errant limbs can protect your property from possible damage. Harsh winter winds and brittle branches can wreak havoc on your siding, your windows, and your roof- especially if a large branch breaks off completely during a storm. 

Trimming your trees is a potentially hazardous task that requires the right equipment and safety measures. Rather than taking a risk, allow our seasoned professionals to come care for your trees this winter. 

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