Shrub Trimming

Trimming your shrubs is just one of the various landscaping services Evergreen provides, in order to help keep your yard healthy and beautiful.

trim hedges

We recommend pruning your shrubs 3 to 4 times a year.  This is the best schedule to keep them lush and attractive.  

Keeping your shrubs trimmed allows them to focus their nutrients on healthy branches and foliage. Getting rid of overgrown or ailing limbs is quite literally a matter of maximizing the plant’s resources. 

Check our list of the best evergreen shrubs for Texas.

Additionally, a well manicured hedge cuts back on potential pest issues, especially for the shrubs right up against your home or fence. Keeping the plants maintained, including the dried leaves and twigs beneath them, prevents critters, both bugs and rodents, from setting up shop in your yard.

A neatly shorn hedge of shrubs provides a clean and attractive backdrop for any flowers you may have at the forefront of your garden bed.

While we all love the texture provided by a healthy shrub, we don’t want them to steal the limelight from your begonias!

Prune, Hedge, and Trim to Perfection

Keep your area looking beautiful and manicured with our trimming services.

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