Fertilization and Weed Control

lawn fertilization treatments
Depending on your grass type, the current season, and your overall lawn conditions, we apply the following to your lawn to keep it healthy:
  • Pre-emergent herbicides
  • Turf builders
  • Weed-and-feed
  • Winterizer
Treatments are applied as needed based on your lawn’s requirements. These products promote a thicker, healthier lawn with minimal or no weeds.

Evergreen offers 7 fertilizer treatments per year.  This is the best treatment regimen for your lawn, depending on your grass’s needs, as well as the local prevalence of intrusive weeds.  If you provide us with details about your location,  grass type, and common problems, we will gladly discuss with you the best options for treating and fertilizing your lawn.

Our lawn fertilization specialists will even come out to your home to survey your yard’s condition and work with you on meeting your specific needs. Contact us at 940-321-3081 for a free estimate. We guarantee quality, timely, and attentive service every time.

More Green and Fewer Weeds

We'll come out to your property to check your lawn condition to determine the best treatments for your lawn. 

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