Warranty Policy
Evergreen Lawn and Landscape warrants that all plants will be in good condition when installed in the landscape.

Trees will be warranted for one year – usually 15g & larger type.

Shrubs will be warranted for 90 days – usually 7g & smaller type.

Perennials will be warranted to leaf-out the following spring after planting.

Annuals will be warranted for seven (7) days after installation.

There is no warranty on Turf/Sod.

Replacement of the deceased plant will be with a plant approximate to the size of the original plant at the time of the original planting. Where it is not possible to obtain an identical size, the best effort will made to obtain a plant of the nearest size.

In the event where a plant of the original type is unavailable, a substitution of equal or greater value and of a plant similar to or as to give the same effect as the original plant, at the judgment of Evergreen Lawn and Landscape, will be installed. If certain conditions caused the original plant to fail, a plant substitution may be made to account for this condition.

No charge will be made for material or labor if the plant meets the condition for warranty stated above.

Evergreen Lawn and Landscape, may, at its discretion, opt to provide payment to the client for the retail amount of the warranted plant in lieu of replacement of the plant.

Warranty will NOT be made for the following conditions:
Neglect or mistreatment by the customer, including, but not limited to, improper irrigation (over or under watering), spraying of chemicals or applications of fertilizer or products not approved by Evergreen Lawn and Landscape, damage by pets or children, or any intentional or accidental misuse.

Acts of nature including but not limited to hail, fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, pest invasions (including Japanese beetles, mites, aphids, sawflies, whiteflies and thrips), vermin (including voles, moles, squirrels and rabbits), deer, or extreme and/or prolonged temperature swings.

Roses attacked by the ‘Rose Rosette’ Virus, for which there is no preventative or cure.

Damage by others, including contractors or utilities performing work in the area, whether or not it is at the direction of the client.

Conditions not present at the time of original work, including but not limited to changes in drainage patterns due to work on neighboring properties, removal or addition of trees that affects light conditions, sewer or water main leaks, appearance of underground springs or sink holes, or removal of walls or retaining structures.

Existing conditions that were undisclosed by the client to Evergreen Lawn and Landscape’s, representative at the time of design, proposal, or installation.

Acts of terrorism, foreign or domestic.

There is no warranty on any transplanted (relocated) plant material.